Argentina travel tips.

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Argentina Travel

Argentina’s currency is Peso Argentino that has denominations from 10 pesos to 1000 thousand. Foreing currency is accepted although at a lower exchange rate that you could trade them for. Everywhere accepts cash, but not everywhere accepts cards, especially in small towns and small shops where the internet connection is relative. Understand this and you will minimize the headaches in Argentina. Even when there is that service available, you might even find places that give you a discount if you pay cash. That said, no need to bring argentinian cash from your country. Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche, Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia, La Rioja, Jujuy or Posadas are all good places to take cash out of ATMs, due to the many banks available, although there are ATM’s on smaller towns too. You should know many banks and ATMs have a withdrawal fee and also a daily withdrawal limit (for safety purposes).

If you do not want to use cards or electronic payment methods, exchanging US Dollars, Euros or other currency is also possible, although sometimes a bit more tricky due to the constant exchange rate fluctuation. As in many other destinations, it’s a good idea to have multiple bank accounts or payment methods so that you have a backup or at least an option to transfer money in order to withdraw it in case you lose a card, it doesn’t work or else.

Argentina Travel

Argentinians usually tip 10 to 15% service. While it isn’t mandatory, it’s certainly expected and appreciated. Most waiters, bartenders or porters have a lower salary that expects to be raised by tips.

Argentina as many South American countries has a laid back attitude and also a “play as you go” attitude. It’s important to be flexible to things that may surprise you on the way, like a demonstration, a strike or just bureaucracy itself. Don’t book flights that have a tight connection or be too ambitious on length of trips. Also, timings in Argentina are flexible or tending to be late in many cases. Even stores that announce opening hours may open 15 to 30 minutes late. Adjusting a bit your expectations will make this trip stress-free.

Argentina Travel

When crossing the border by land, make sure you have all the required documents at hand, especially if you are crossing in a vehicle. Don’t carry any fresh food, meat or vegetables or seeds. Be prepared to go through a thorough check with sniffing dogs, and you may be asked to take your suitcases out of the car.

If you have anything you think may get you a fine, show it first thing. Bear in mind there are many different crossings and you will have to do twice migration and customs procedures, to leave a country and also to enter another. Border crossings have an open and closing times, it’s good to double check them beforehand.

Argentina Travel

Gas stations in the Argentina countryside are not just a gas station, they are minimarkets, bathrooms (many with showers), restaurants and rest stops. Especially in the West and South of the Country, the distances between populated areas is so far that once you have a gas station it is a good idea to stop, stretch your legs and check where the next gas station is. If your tank is around or below ½ it’s a good idea to get it up to full.

Argentina Travel

t’s very common to have check points on major roads or city/provincial borders. The goal of these is to check insurance (which is mandatory and comes included on your rental fee) and documents on vehicles travelling Argentina, be individuals or commercial vehicles. For this is a good idea to have your personal documents at hand (keeping them safe too) while road tripping. The delays at these checkpoints are usually no more than 10 minute.

Argentina Travel

Many car rental agencies only offer manual-transmission vehicles, so drivers must know how to use a stick shift. Reservations for vehicles with automatic transmissions must be made in advance and may cost more or might even not be available. Our quotations are based on a medium category 2wd, you should specify if there are desired features when arranging a vehicle.

With regards to the vehicle’s insurance, limited collision damage waiver and vehicle theft protection cover is mandatory and included, with an excess payable. On site, clients will sign the contract themselves since they are held responsible for the insurance by law.

Additional CDW/TP cover with zero excess can usually be purchased with an additional cost, but must be informed previously to prepare the correspondent paperwork. In many travel insurance programs there is also the option to hire an excess waiver insurance policy from home. For all insurance, any incidents involving collision, robbery and theft must be reported to the police and a written, signed, report must be obtained, of course in any of these cases you can reach out to our emergency contact and we will help you with the procedures.

A valid international driving permit is officially required for Argentina. For insurance purposes, if there is any chance there will be a second or third driver in the party, it should be informed to us / the rental company, so they can be included in the insurance and rental paperwork.

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Foreign tourists are eligible to reclaim tax (VAT) on purchases of domestically-manufactured goods with a value over ARS $70 when made at participating outlets. The Global Blue website has useful information on the tax reclaim process here. AFIP, the Argentine tax authority, also has information in Spanish here.

Argentina Travel

Prepaid telephone cards are available from many tobacconists and newsagents (‘kioscos’), or call-shops/cyber cafes (‘locutorios’). Locutorios can be found in larger cities, and offer telephone booths and internet access. 

Local prepaid sim cards/chips for your mobile phone can be bought from mobile phone stores and from many kiosks with a paper copy of your Passport. The leading telephone networks in Argentina are Personal, Movistar and Claro, depending where you travel it is a good idea to check which has a better coverage, which may vary. Even if more than one person is travelling it’s a good idea to get two different companies to get broader coverage. Local rates for internet and phone calls is lower than paying an international fee, but if your home supplier offers international coverage, all of these may be unnecesary.

As you travel away from big cities, both phone and internet connection get’s more and more limited. In many towns, the connection comes through radio waves which are unstable sometimes depending on weather conditions. 

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Electric current in Argentina is AC 220-380 volts. Electric plug configurations have 2 or 3 flat pins with the top two pins diagonally angled. Adapters are easily found all around the country.

Argentina Travel

Argentina is a safe, modern country with hospital and medicare presence and good quality health provision around the country. No vaccinations are required for entry into Argentina. Tap water is drinkable. Although Public hospitals are open 24 hours a day and attend patients free of charge,  nowadays it’s mandatory to get travel medical insurance for international visitors.