The Northwest “El Norte”

Most likely you have heard of the high Andes of Bolivia or Northern Chile, like Atacama Desert and Uyuni flat lands, but just a few kilometres away from both iconic places is the border with Argentina. El Norte, the “North” as Argentinians referred to the high northern andes region is characterised by several micro regions. The higher, the Puna, above 3200 meters high and below 4500 meters where Vicuñas, Llamas, Chilean Flamingos wander about in the lonely both wet and dry plateau. This is where you feel you have reached the top of the world and you can see across only the highest volcanoes, step into the enormous salt lakes, the controversial lithium, gold and silver mines and among all these loneliness, some hidden High Altitude wineries. 

Below the 3000 we find the Red-rock canyons and mountain passes that create stunning views of the colourful valleys where the sunshine paints different tones on the mountain ranges, as it passes by. Little agricultural towns, linked to the Inca arrival of the region and later attached deeply to the Independence Wars between Argentina and Spain add the cultural aspect that makes this the richest cultural area of the country.

Believe it or not, although Argentina is most well known for Patagonia, Iguazu Falls or Buenos Aires, The Northern Andes is where the country was born. Here you can find the origin to many of the cultural aspects that make up to understand the historical conflicts of the country, the unique europeans-native cultural mixing pot and the classic colonial food origins. Empanadas, Locro, Humitas, besides traditional barbecue and even some of Argentina’s greatest wineries are located here.

One of the most unexplored regions of Argentina, with paved roads and unpaved short, medium and long detours, towns are mostly small size, cozy, safe and over-the-top friendly. If you are looking for solitude, colorful, unexplored, culturally rich and adventure, “El Norte, is the region for you to explore! 

highest altitude you might drive
Inca Empire invaded this region
highest vineyard in the world

Why you should include The Northwest?

What is the best time to visit this region?

As all of Argentina, and most of South America, the summer months are the warmest months, and include the longest days, ideal for long drives, long hikes and spending time outdoors, be it at an estancia, a picnic by the river or even looking at the stars and searching for the Southern Cross. Spring time (September until November) brings the most amount of rain and it’s cooler. During autumn and winter the temperatures drop and as much of this itinerary is at higher altitude, snowfall is not unusual. The colder months also bring shorter days, although the end of spring and beginning of Autumn also present the Andes with the snowy peaks which make the landscape look like a perfect painting all day long.

Special Dates:

During Carnival, because of the Inca tradition, there are celebrations in every town in northern Argentina. Of course, accommodation rates and reservations are more difficult to get, but with good time in advance and flexibility, it can be done.  

Our set itinerary is meant to give you a deep cultural immersion in a linear itinerary so you don’t drive twice thru the same town, road or even airport. Of course, picking up and dropping off a vehicle in different places has its value but at ASD we are true believers that overall the quality of the experience is the most important.

Best Road Trip of Northern Argentina

For the Northern Argentina region we present to you several different Itineraries, some shorter, some longer, but remember, our flexibility is fully dedicated to modify, alter and requote any changes you might think of, considering, we have fully planned this trips with many years of expertise, but as each traveler shall make its trip unique. 

What is the best Northern Argentina Roadtrip? You decide and let us know!