About Argentina Self Drive

We are a group of young professionals who after years of employment in different hospitality and travel industry experiences have founded “Self Drive Argentina”. We are locally based in Argentina and from here, on the ground with all of our local experience and knowledge that we have direct contact with our international visitors, from the first point of contact via email to the guidance and support we give when you are on the road. This  makes us stand out among our foreign competitors with the standard agency model, who eventually will pass on their clients to a local partner without having the control of the land based operations. In our case, we sell, you buy and for that you can reach out to us locally at any time. 

On the same page, our local expertise keeps us and our clients completely updated and with the very best information out there. Is there a local event happening on the road you are travelling? Is there a road under maintenance you should be aware of? We will always let you know… 

We have personally been there, driven that road and can tell you about the small locally known places we enjoyed as well as sharing with you any new tips straight from the mouths of those in that location. 

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We believe that your holiday should be “stress-free” and that although planning a trip is part of the voyage, many times the bureaucracy around bookings, payments, choosing the right vendor, and organising everything with detail and making the right decisions becomes a hassle. We know by experience that it can be time consuming and sometimes stressful to set up a trip in a country thousands of miles away from home. There are hundreds of hotels to stay at, sites to be seen and activity to experience all around Argentina. Our goal is to assist you for this to be a once in a lifetime experience, exciting yet relaxing, safe and with a strong support team that allows you and your party to travel through Argentina smoothly.

Contact us and put our local knowledge to use to help you organize your once in a lifetime visit to Argentina. We are that someone to go to when in trouble or in need of advice, we are your local assistant that knows you from the time of reservation to operation, without having passed on messages where that vital information, or all important comment, can be lost in transition.  

If something comes up during your trip you can be sure that you can easily get in touch with our team, we are at your disposal 24/7 every day, all year round. It is comforting to know that you are being taken care of and allowing you a more enjoyable, stress free Argentinian vacation.

We’ll take care of finding accommodation that suits your itinerary and budget, requirements and preferences; we’ll suggest activities along the way that you might be interested in and even special detours that might be just the type of thing for you. That way you only have one contact person to talk to who takes care of everything if something unexpected comes up or you would like to make changes to your trip during the booking process.

Commitment to Responsible Travel

As young nature and culture lovers, we have a strong commitment to the environment and with the cultural inherit-age of the places we recommend to our visitors. Our philosophy to support small family owned business and environmentally friendly partners is proof that another way of travelling is possible. Read More